Nimble Instrumed is a brand for manufacturing quality instruments. An eminent name among Surgical Instruments, Dental Instruments & Beauty Instruments manufacturers in Pakistan. The Nimble Instrumed Instruments features a wide range of products details are available on the website.

The Surgical & Dental Instruments manufactured by Nimble Instrumed are made of superior quality material with a higher degree of precision which is due to the company’s more than 3 years of experience in the field and its workforce which is highly trained, qualified in the task with a thorough exposure of the field. Nimble Instrumed has gained massive popularity among surgeons, clinics and hospitals in both the domestic as well as international markets.


  • Maintain a family team atmosphere
  • Demand a clean and safe working environment
  • Be adaptable to customer requirements
  • Work with passion and accountability
  • Have ambition for innovative growth
  • Uphold commitment for quality and improvement
  • Deliver full and accurate information


The process of filing is then carried out by foreign trained professionals in order to ensure high standard of exactitude and precision. Heat Treatment Nimble Instrumed has an in-house Heat Treatment Department equipped with top-quality Vacuum Furnace imported from England, where qualified staff and engineers trained by the English Suppliers are engaged in treating the instruments in order to add strength to the steel and perfect the metallurgical composition for further processes.


Our T.C Department is installed with the best-quality imported machinery being manned by the exceptionally well-trained experts using the German Technology.


Our coating department is capable of providing Plasma Coating & Gold plated instruments as well as powder coated instruments depending upon the requirements of the instruments or the customer. All coating related raw materials are imported from European countries so that no compromise on quality can be made. Furthermore, each coating is inspected for quality before any instrument is passed on to the next department.